Transport & Service

Because we want to ensure that the chalets and bungalows we build reach their destination safely and in excellent condition, we arrange our own transportation, in the Netherlands AND throughout Europe. However, wherever!

Duntep – your reliable address from start to finish!


Duntep’s transportation equipment is in compliance with all of the strict transportation requirements. Our enthusiastic drivers have been well trained and during the trip our transportation supervisors assist them. – The drivers and supervisors make sure the transport does not encounter any surprises or unexpected obstacles along the way. And therefore we ensure that your dream chalet or bungalow reaches its destination in the same condition it left our production hall. Not only within the Netherlands, but also to all other destinations in Europe. And Duntep also ensures that the placement process of your chalet is perfectly executed.


Service team: takes your worries off your hands!

Once your dream bungalow or – chalet leaves the production hall, we can imagine that it can be quite exciting to see your dream bungalow leave for the road. After all, you have been involved in the project from beginning to end and it goes without saying that you are looking forward to enjoying your ‘second home’. That’s why it’s good to know that Duntep works with a professional service team. During the entire process they will take all the worries off your hands and will be responsible for every situation possible. They will also make sure that your chalet or bungalow is hooked up immediately after it reaches its destination and ready for you to use straight away.


Advantages of Duntep’s own transport:

  • Reliable equipment
  • Qualified drivers
  • Safe and reliable
  • To any location in Europe