Modern holiday home for every holidaymaker!

When it comes to feeling and atmosphere the Spirit meets the needs that contemporary holidaymakers are looking for. The basic model chalet is fitted with many smart options but here too, just as with our other models, there is room for your own wishes and interesting ideas. We have the Spirit de Luxe to inspire you, a model that is the perfect ‘smart’ holiday home thanks to the improved insulation, construction and appliances. Enjoying modern comfort to the fullest, that is what Dunten Spirit has to offer.


  • insulated walls, floors and roof
  • white PVC frames
  • double glazing
  • fitted with beds and cupboards
  • fully equipped kitchen with integrated refrigerator
  • comfortable bathroom fittings, incl. shower and toilet

  • Special

    • facades covered with high-quality PVC facade coping
    • easy-to-clean vinyl flooring
    • bathroom walls covered with moisture-resistant vinyl wallpaper
    • charming built in chimney with room for heater
  • Options

    • single cottage
    • double chalet
    • L-shaped addition
    • patio roof

Spirit de Luxe

  • extra sturdy floor construction
  • better insulation thanks to walls with a thickness of 130 mm instead of 90 mm
  • facade coping in faca panel instead of PVC
  • PVC window shutter slats
  • microwave
  • wall covering bathroom Fibo-Trespo

As mentioned, the Duntep Spirit is original and basic, but if you would like to add a little bit of extra luxury, or if you would prefer a different size or extra facilities in your chalet, or if you have any other questions, we would like to hear them, because we thrive on ambition!