Fitted with every conceivable comfort

Living the outdoor life in a beautiful bungalow fitted with every conceivable comfort: the Duntep Cottage. You will feel right at home in this multi-purpose bungalow with total privacy. Some typical characteristics are: its pointed roof and decorative fixed shutters. The Cottage also offers many options in dimensions and design; if you would like to have more space, comfort or facilities, please feel free to enquire about the options and be inspired!


  • insulated walls, floors and roof
  • white PVC frames
  • double glazing
  • fitted with beds and cupboards
  • fully equipped kitchen
  • comfortable bathroom fittings, incl. shower and toilet

  • Special

    • roof fitted with lovely roof tiles and storm proof, light-weight and durable eaves gutters
    • conveniently integrated refrigerator
    • available with both central heating or gas heater
  • Options

    • single bungalow
    • double bungalow
    • L-shaped addition
    • patio roof

If you have any specific requests or wishes regarding layout, colours or anything else in addition to the listed options or details, please feel free to let us know and we will build it for you!