About Duntep

Over 50 years ago, Duntep, a former construction company, received their first request to build a mobile home. Duntep took up the challenge and this new project quickly became a success; even before the first mobile home still was delivered, the order for a second mobile home had already arrived. Therefore, Duntep increasingly began to focus on designing mobile homes and ultimately, in 1980, they decided to focus solely on the construction of mobile homes. Later on, Duntep decided to build beautiful chalets and mobile bungalows and to date there is no challenge too great for Duntep.


Each chalet is different and that is what makes Duntep unique. Discover what we can do for you and make your dream bungalow come true.


High-quality mobile bungalows

Focusing on chalets and mobile bungalows has resulted in a significant growth making Duntep a valued family-owned business. We build, transport, place and deliver over two hundred chalets each year with the help of our forty committed employees. Together they stand for a sophisticated product of excellent quality with a long life span, and they offer a unique service. Thanks to this high level of service and flexibility Duntep is capable of building everything their clients ask for.